He Stares Right Through Me

...I Try To Ignore His Glare

That Polo Boy
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I know you've seen him.
That guy with pale green eyes and wind blown hair.
He looks out of most main stream magazines and huge bill boards.
He wears a simple white Polo shirt with the ocean behind him.

FACTS Name: Doug Pickett
Born: 1984
Home: Wilmington, North Carolina
Sibling: An older sister
High School: Asheboro High School, graduated in 2002
Height: 6'2.5" / 189 cm
Suit: 42L / 52
Shirt: 36
Neck: 15.5
Inseam: 34 / 86
Waist: 34 / 86
Shoe: 13.5 / 45.5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis